Do we have to book accommodations and meals through the tournament organization?

  • No, you can book everything through us, but you are also free to book everything yourself.
  • Teams who arranged the accommodations by themselves, can still book meals through the tournament organization.
  • The accommodations offered on our website can only be booked through the tournament organization and NOT directly at the accommodation.

Where will the pre-ordered and paid meals be served?

  • Breakfast and dinner will be served in the sleeping-accommodation on condition that you stay at Sporta Centre in Tongerlo, Bloso Centre in Herentals, Hoge Rielen in Kasterlee or at the youth hostel in Westerlo.
  • Teams staying at other locations will be noticed one month in advance where their meals will be served.
  • The organization will bring the pre-ordered lunch packages to the location (field, sleeping accommodation, …) where the team will be at noon. If you subscribe with more teams, please mention how many persons will be part of the team so we can bring the correct amount of packages to the correct location.

Can something be arranged so that all teams from the same club can play at the same location?

This can only be arranged for the games played on Saturday if you notify the organization of this at the moment of subscription or before 01/04/2012. After this date the planning will be made and afterwards nothing will be modified. On Sunday we can’t guarantee that all teams from the same club will play on the same location because everybody has to play for certain places and those games are related in advance to certain locations.

One must understand that if you subscribe with 6 teams, not all 6 teams can play at the same location (not even on Saturday) but we can take into consideration that those teams will play at as little as possible different locations.

What is the level of the tournament?

We accept all levels. A first class division as well as a small unknown club can participate. This is what makes our tournament so pleasant. On Saturday you can play against all kind of levels, on Sunday of course the higher levels will play against against each other and the lower levels will play for lower places in the classifications. This gives you the possibility to play against teams you normally don’t meet during the season, but on Sunday even teams from a lower level can book fantastic results. It can happen that teams from a higher level will win very easily on Saturday, but on Sunday they will meet teams from the same level which makes it interesting for all teams.

What is the set-up of the tournament?

  • On Friday all teams can arrive as from 15:00 (not earlier). They will be welcomed and/or accompanied to their accommodations
  • On Friday evening there will be a presentation of the tournament at the Sporta Centre in Tongerlo. All teams can ask questions regarding the tournament. It’s not an obligation to be present.
  • On Saturday the games in the groups will take place (all teams will be split up in groups of 4 or 5 teams so that you can play minimum 3 or 4 games on this day)
  • On Saturday evening we will organize our yearly “Hageland Cup Football Party” from 21:00 until 01:00 at the Sporta Centre in Tongerlo
  • During this evening, an “teamleader reception” will be held at the same location. Each team can be presented by maximum 3 persons. You have to let us know in advance if you will be there and with how many persons you will come. On this event you can have a nice chat with people from other teams while the organization offers you free drinks, a bite to eat and music.
  • On Sunday the preliminaries and the finals will be played at different locations. After that the closing ceremony will be held (around 18:00) at the Sporta Centre in Tongerlo. All finalist are obliged to be there to receive their trophy. The other teams will receive their keepsakes immediately after they finished their last game. They are also welcome on the closing ceremony, but they also have the possibility return home after the last game because it would be illogical that if a team finishes at Sunday noon, they will have to stay until 18:00.
  • Teams staying until Monday morning will have the opportunity to have a drink in the tournament café until the early hours.

Do we have to stay a complete day at the tournament?

No, you will play each day or before noon or in the afternoon, so each team will have the possibility to do something else during their stay (a city-trip, visit an amusement park, go swimming, have a glass of Belgium beer, etc…)

How many games do we play in the tournament?

On Saturday each team will play 3 or 4 games in its group. These games will be played at the same location. On Sunday, each team plays 3 or 4 games for a certain place, depending on the results from Saturday. These games will also be played at the same location. The location on Sunday can be different from the one on Saturday.

When will the schedule be online?

The schedule will be published at the latest one month before the start of the tournament. The schedules will not be sent to the clubs, you an only find them back at our website.

How much is the registration fee and what is included?

The registration fee will be € 100,00 per team.  Each additional team pays € 75,00.  A club that comes with 5 teams pays 1 x € 100,00 + 4 x € 75,00.

The registration fee includes the following:

  • The right to participate at the tournament
  • A tournament T-shirt for each player + 1 for the trainer and 1 for the coach of the team
  • A keepsake for each player mentioned on the participants list
  • There will also be a trophy for the teams that will end on the First four places
  • Free tournaments booklets that will be given at the beginning of the tournament