1) The tournament will be held on the fields in SPORTA TONGERLO (location 1), KFC Tongerlo (location 2) and Victoria Tongerlo (location 3). The tournament edi-tion 2018 will be played during the weekend of May 26 & 27, 2018 and the organisation falls under the responsibility of VZW Hageland Cup.

2) The HAGELAND CUP 2018 is played by the rules of the F.I.F.A., U.E.F.A. and the R.B.S.F. – The Royal Belgian Soccer Federation – and the rules of the tournament.

3) The sport committee of the HAGELAND CUP 2018 will look after the observance of these rules.  By participating the clubs accept the rules and decisions made by the committee.

4) The tournament is only for the next categories :

    JUNIOR UNDER 15                        (2003)

    JUNIOR UNDER 14                        (2004)

    JUNIOR UNDER 13                        (2005)

    JUNIOR UNDER 12                        (2006)


    JUNIOR UNDER 11                        (2007 : 7-a-side)

    JUNIOR UNDER 10                        (2008 : 7-a-side)


    JUNIOR UNDER  9                        (2009 : 5-a-side)

    JUNIOR UNDER  8                        (2010 : 5-a-side)


There will be a strict control on the age limit.  We except in each age group max. 16 teams, so we will have 4 groups of 4 teams in each group.

Dispensation : For 11-a-side games can 2 players be max. 6 month oldies than the age limit. For 7-a-side games is 1 players possible and for 5-a-side games is NO dispensation possible.

5) The referees will be appointed by R.B.S.F.

6) You can change as much players as you want, without interrupting the game.

7) The organising committee will do their outmost to avoid impudence and roughness on the field.  A player who gets a red card must leave the game and cannot be replaced.  This player will be suspended for the next game of the tournament.

8) Complaints must reach the headquarter within 30 minutes after the game.  This decision is irrevocable and binding upon all the participating teams.  The team in question will lose there game with 2-0 when a complaint is accepted and these 2 goals will count for there result (art.16).  A complaint costs € 50,00 and when the complaint is correct, the team will get it back.

9) In the neutral zone only 3 delegates plus the team doctor and substitutes are allowed.  All other persons – except the people of HAGELAND CUP 2018 self – shall be removed from that zone by the referees.

10) Each team must arrive 30 minutes before the beginning of their game to fill in the tournament papers.

11) Every team must present the list of players before each of their matches.

12) The teams provide soccer balls for their warming up.

13) Before the first game all the teams must tell the committee the colour of their first and second outfit.  The team that is indicated as the home team adapts its colour to the team that is indicated as the visiting one.

14) How with penalty kicks ?

There must be taken 3 penalty kicks after a game, ONLY in case of a draw.  When it’s still a draw after 3 penalty kicks, we go on until there’s a winner.

15) It is used to bring pennants with you for the teams that you have to play against + 1 for the organisation of Hageland cup 2018.  Thank you in advance.

16) Qualification criteria.

After the qualification games the schedule of the finals will be made.  To determine the opponent for the finals the following criteria in the order mentioned below, will be used.

  1. The point obtained during the qualification games :
    • 3 points for a win
    • 2 points for a draw and when you win the penalties
    • 1 point  for a draw and when you loose the penalties
    • 0 points for a loss
  2. the difference between the goals scored and the goals scored against
  3. the number of goals scored
  4. the score of the game between the 2 concerning teams
  5. drawing lots.


26/05/2018 :

– juniors -15  : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -14  : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -13  : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -12  : 1×25 minutes


– juniors -11  : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -10  : 1×25 minutes


– juniors -9   : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -8   : 1×25 minutes


27/05/2018 :

– juniors -15  : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -14  : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -13  : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -12  : 1×25 minutes


– juniors -11  : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -10  : 1×25 minutes


– juniors -9   : 1×25 minutes

– juniors -8   : 1×25 minutes

18) The organising committee is not responsible for possible inconveniences, damages, loss, theft and accidents.

19) Pitch B, D and E (sporta centre Tongerlo) + pitch J (KFC Tongerlo) are synthetic fields (watch out with your football shoes) !!!  The other pitches are grass fields.

20) The arbitral decisions on the field are indisputable.  All cases not forseen in these rules will fall under the rules of R.B.S.F.

21) The participating teams should be aware of these rules.

Responsible tournament